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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Blog Name Change

I thought I chose a good blog name with Pico's Place. Turns out I probably should have researched things a little more thoroughly. I wanted to access it from work on a break, but couldn't remember the exact web address. I Googled it and came up with a whole bunch of stuff that really wasn't what I had in mind. Turns out there is an adult content website named Pico's Place already. Arrgh! All the other reference on the first page that came up were from clubs. At that point I pretty much decided a name change was in order. I appreciate the little bit of brainstorming my friends helped me with on Book Junkies. I brainstormed some more with a few friends at work and came up with From Pico's Pen. I think it works. I don't want to constantly be changing the title. I did check Google and I can live with what came up. Someone would have to come up with an amazing title for me to even consider changing it again.

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