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Pico's Profile

My avatar image is not really intended to mislead. The name Pico Triano comes from a story I started writing and it quickly became my pen name. The original character the name comes from was a dark haired beauty much like in the avatar. I found this free image online and others familiar with the character thought it was a perfect fit. I'm in reality the chameleon tattooed on her back as I write from either the male or female perspective. The name Pico I just made up and is androgynous. In real life I'm a happily married family man. When I'm writing I can be anyone.

I've washed up on a lot of beaches in my almost fifty years. Part of me is not really sure I'm done yet. Currently we live on a small acreage north of Sackville, New Brunswick. Whether this place can be developed into a longer term home is a matter of debate. It's a roof over our heads for now. We've got the summer to make it work.

My childhood was spent in Southern Ontario. I dreamed of being a writer or an entrepreneur. As a kid my siblings might remember my future company named Skrical (rhymes with trickle). Thankfully no one remembers the book I started writing in the first or second grade. I drew pictures of airplanes and birds. As I hit my teens, I got involved in sports. I played basketball, volleyball, softball and used my bicycle to get everywhere. A lot of that is still in my blood.

After highschool I sort of worked for a year before scampering off to Southern California for four years of college. Home really wasn't home anymore when I returned, so I moved to Toronto and worked there for a few years. One vacation in Quebec and one femme fatale Quebecoise finished that off. In short order I was living in the Eastern Townships building a family. We weren't content with living in town and moved back to Southern Ontario, then to Northern Ontario, then to Eastern Ontario and now the whole family has washed up in New Brunswick. We are still pursuing our dreams. Writing is still one of them.

I still like sports but I'm not even the middling athlete I was anymore. I still do a lot of cycling, mainly for transportation. Gas is so bloody expensive. I love the outdoors. Gardening, canoeing, fishing, hiking are just some of the things I like to do. My creative side likes to build things and make crafts. I don't do much drawing and painting anymore but that is more one of those things that time restraints have stolen from me.

My blog here is about my writing. I squeeze it in around everything else in my life. I do have a rough novel manuscript that I hope will be published some day. I've started another and I have basics plots for a couple more bouncing around between my ears. I have an account on where I maintain a portfolio. I also write a little on Mylot and I have an article published on Hubpages. What you can expect here is my thoughts as I write and my celebrations of my successes. Thanks for dropping by.