This is an author's blog written by Pico Triano. 'Pico's Profile' will tell you a little about me. 'Pico's Stuff' will lead you to links and information on how you can access all my publicly available writing. 'Friends and Family' advertises websites on behalf of family and friends. The 'Friend Book Reviews' page is where I review materials written by the many friends I have made as a writer. Finally I recently added a review page for general reviews.

Friends and Family

This page is here to provide links for worthwhile sites and products that belong to friends and family. If you are here take the time to give them a look see.

Francine's Fine Art

For reasons that will remain "secret" this is the first friend and family advertisement. Francine took up drawing and painting when she was younger in Quebec. She took private lessons from Madame Provencher a professional artist from Farnham, Quebec. Francine suffers from osteo-arthristis and can only work at her artwork for short periods of time each day. She is determined though and regularly produces paintings at the available website. Clicking on the pictures in the banner above will bring you straight to a shopping cart. If you just wish to browse click the link below.

If you are an artist and interested in getting your own Fine Art America account. Click on the banner below. My friend does get paid for referrals.

Websites for Artists

My Family Country Products

This is a family run craft site. Main product is wood turned bowls and candle holders. If you like wooden crafts, going to have a look is definitely worth your time. Purchases are made through Paypal when you send in an email order. If you happen to live in the Moncton, New Brunswick area, they will make arrangements for you to pick up your order so that you don't have to pay for shipping. Click on the link to visit their website.

Boredom Pulled the Trigger

This blog belongs to a young artist in my family. This is a link so you can go look at her stuff. Hey we artists have to support each other as much as possible. She is also on Facebook.

Literature Editing by Glenda

Glenda and I met online through where we became friends. She is the only person who reviewed every single chapter of my first novel. She has since started a literature reviewing business which I happily endorse. You can go straight to her website by clicking the banner. She also has a Facebook page you can also visit at the link below.

Cash Crate

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

This is a site where both my wife and I have reached payout. It would pay more for Americans but we got something out of it anyway. Francine has reached payout twice and me once. Payout is minimum twenty dollars.