This is an author's blog written by Pico Triano. 'Pico's Profile' will tell you a little about me. 'Pico's Stuff' will lead you to links and information on how you can access all my publicly available writing. 'Friends and Family' advertises websites on behalf of family and friends. The 'Friend Book Reviews' page is where I review materials written by the many friends I have made as a writer. Finally I recently added a review page for general reviews.

Pico's Stuff

My writing consists of a variety of material. I will attempt organize it here for the reader’s convenience.


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

This is my first novel and hopefully not my last. It was and is a lot of work. It is about 55,000 words so it is not extremely long. The hero is Mark Rathman. He is the son of a special undercover police investigator. His family was bumped off by an criminal organization headed by the villains Francois Rodrigues and his dirty cop right hand man Serge Cote. Mark lives to destroy them and intends to take his own life after visiting his wife's grave.

The heroine is petite Christine Jette. She is based on a picture of a missing young lady from the eastern townships in Quebec, Canada, which kind of haunted me at the time. I don't believe she was ever found. She complicates everything. Lured into white slavery she barely escapes with her life.

The story begins with Mark and Christine meeting by chance on a train travelling from Montreal to Toronto. 

Rat in the Shadows

This is a sequel to my first book Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. I had planned to write just one chapter to keep the idea for later, but a friend kept egging me on and it blossomed into eight chapters. This is still a work in progress but like my other book I’ll allow access to the first chapter to whet your appetite.

Mark finds himself the target of some extremist group along with a new character, eleven-year-old Sandy. Sandy loses what little family she has left in the first chapter. Mark has to become the Shadow again to keep himself, Sandy and his family safe from David Braxton, the Rat.

Braxton is an ex-navy seal with a political organization and agenda that likes to take care of some of the dirty work himself. In my head I've mapped out most of the basic plot and I will continue writing when my first book is done its current rewrite.


I’ve written a number of articles and will add to this list as soon as I get back on to my writing horse. Will divide it up by subject when that becomes worthwhile.

When to Start Cycling As a Family

This is a short opinion piece on the best time to start bicycle touring with your family.

Which Side to Ride On

Article on cycling safety.

Fall Cycling

Just a short article on the pleasures of riding your bike in the fall.

Group Riding As a Family

Formation riding with a family developed from personal road riding experience.


A short rant of mine.

Simple Candy Bowl Gift Idea

An article on exactly what the title sounds like.

How To Properly Lick Your Plate

Tongue in cheek article I wrote just for the fun of it.

Short Stories

Coming just as soon as I can get it all organized. Fetching, organizing and posting all the links is proving to be a real pain in the posterior.

Almost forgot but I'm also a proud inductee in The Art of Criticism on A number of my reviews there are listed. You would probably have to search the page for Pico because the listing is really big.