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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Pico's Week in Review May 18 - 24

Another busy week is done. I wrote a post on this blog about a woman who made an important contribution to my writing career. Besides that I've done a lot of preparation work for the next edition of Pico's Cycling - Tales of the Road. I'm looking forward to the coming issue because we are introducing and additional contributor.

I had a busy week on Bubblews. That site is working better than it has been. Fewer errors and crashes to annoy those of us trying to write there. I am taking this evening off though. One of my very last calls at work was a credit card customer who just left an abusive relationship. She did a lot of crying. We did our best to make sure that he account could not be accessed by her ex-husband. He's facing jail time. When I got home the news and Facebook is plastered with Elliot Rodgers who murdered six people in the Santa Barbara area a couple days ago. There is a very strong outcry against violence against women. I did have a lot of good ideas for posts but this whole issue is really bothering me. As a father and husband I find the kind of violence in the world incomprehensible. Don't know if I'll write on the subject. At this point my thoughts and feelings aren't in a writing kind of focus.

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

In Between Post

I should have posted this bit of news some time ago. Our friend Jacqueline invited us over for a special meal together last month. It gave me an opportunity to give her an autographed copy of my book.

When my family stumbled its way into New Brunswick, we met her at church services. One of the subjects we talked about was writing. Jacqui and her mother had both been quite active on at one point and she recommended I go there to continue my journey as an author. That was one of the best suggestions I've ever been given.

Joining that site and getting involved was the next major step for me as a writer. Other writers on that site taught me a great deal. With their input, I reworked that first manuscript through two more drafts. Not only that another writer I met and interacted with on that site led me directly to Inknbeans Press where I became a published author.

Jacqueline's friendship, encouragement and suggestions are appreciated. Any aspiring writer is blessed to have friends like this. Thank you Jacqui. Hope to have more autographed books for you in the future.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Pico's Week In Review May 11 - 17

Another busy weeks in books. Laid a lot of groundwork for future writing but got bogged down in a lot of other schtuff this week. Not a bad week though. Kept up with Bubblews just fine. The next issue of my cycling webzine is pretty much planned out as well. Hoping to add a few touches before publishing as the end of the month. Only regret there is that I have not done my usual promotion of the previous month.

I made eight Bubblews posts this week and here they are:

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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Pico's Week in Review May 4 - 10

Adding a new element here on my writer's blog. This is intended to be a weekly up date. For anyone following my writing this should make it easier. I do so much writing in my meagre time that I wasn't getting back here to write anything.

Most of my daily musing is done on for the simple reason I can write what's on my mind without worrying a great deal about classifying any of it or sticking to any kind of theme. For me it's writing practice and I get paid a penny for every view, like and comment. It adds up. I have a lot of friends there and I enjoy my time on the site. I don't worry to much about grammar or punctuation either. It's just raw Pico. If you're here because you want to get to know me as an author and person, this is the place. I write on the site almost daily. I will add a complete list of my posts and their titles every week. Currently I have 319 posts on the site. If you go to my profile page you can scroll through all of them with the arrows. The link is this:

This past weeks posts were the following:

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My Bubblews Anniversary

The weekly review with be more than Bubblews. I will also post links to all my other writing including my cycling webzine and other writing. Whether Sunday evening is the best time to do that remains to be seen. Right now it is my logical time slot with my current schedule. Hope to maintain this and improve it.