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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Pico's Week in Review May 18 - 24

Another busy week is done. I wrote a post on this blog about a woman who made an important contribution to my writing career. Besides that I've done a lot of preparation work for the next edition of Pico's Cycling - Tales of the Road. I'm looking forward to the coming issue because we are introducing and additional contributor.

I had a busy week on Bubblews. That site is working better than it has been. Fewer errors and crashes to annoy those of us trying to write there. I am taking this evening off though. One of my very last calls at work was a credit card customer who just left an abusive relationship. She did a lot of crying. We did our best to make sure that he account could not be accessed by her ex-husband. He's facing jail time. When I got home the news and Facebook is plastered with Elliot Rodgers who murdered six people in the Santa Barbara area a couple days ago. There is a very strong outcry against violence against women. I did have a lot of good ideas for posts but this whole issue is really bothering me. As a father and husband I find the kind of violence in the world incomprehensible. Don't know if I'll write on the subject. At this point my thoughts and feelings aren't in a writing kind of focus.

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