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Thursday, 22 May 2014

In Between Post

I should have posted this bit of news some time ago. Our friend Jacqueline invited us over for a special meal together last month. It gave me an opportunity to give her an autographed copy of my book.

When my family stumbled its way into New Brunswick, we met her at church services. One of the subjects we talked about was writing. Jacqui and her mother had both been quite active on at one point and she recommended I go there to continue my journey as an author. That was one of the best suggestions I've ever been given.

Joining that site and getting involved was the next major step for me as a writer. Other writers on that site taught me a great deal. With their input, I reworked that first manuscript through two more drafts. Not only that another writer I met and interacted with on that site led me directly to Inknbeans Press where I became a published author.

Jacqueline's friendship, encouragement and suggestions are appreciated. Any aspiring writer is blessed to have friends like this. Thank you Jacqui. Hope to have more autographed books for you in the future.

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