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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Webzine Launch!

Pico's Cycling - Tales of the Road officially launched yesterday with the december issue. Five articles/stories. The reception has been better than expected at this point in spite of the lack of time I've had to put into this. Given my enthusiasm for the project a boost. I'm hoping to have a couple of selections that are written by someone other than myself. I've got a month of encouraging and maybe arm twisting in that department. Looks like putting together the next issue is going to be fun.

Since the launch I have added a page for links to friendly cycling sites. The page address is There are a couple other riders I met on Bike Forums that will likely post their sites there as soon as they see it's available.

Only real hiccup that I ran into yesterday when I was trying to make some noise on Facebook about the site. In the past I always got to post the link along with one of the pictures I added to the post. Suddenly all it will let me use is my Google account avatar. Very frustrating. I'm hoping that the problem will resolve itself. How's that for putting my head in the sand like an ostrich.

Link for the webzine is

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