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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Tweaks But Not Much Writing

Bubblews is down and I feel like I haven't accomplished much in regard to my writing. The day hasn't been a loss. I finally added a link in the righthand column of all three of my blogs to buy a copy of my book. It routes to Most of my pages views come out of the USA. My apologies to everyone else. From there it is easy enough to get to the Canadian or the UK site anyway. Here's hoping that addition will lead to more sales.

For the cycling site I dug up two of my old cycling photo albums. Lots of pictures with stories to develop. This will allow me to write a couple of articles that I have been planning. May even get to that this evening. My enthusiasm for this project is still pretty high. I don't foresee any problem getting the next issue out on time. My biggest challenge is to build interest in the site in between published issues.

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