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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Revised Weekly Writing Goals

I think I have a vision for increasing my writing income and over the past few weeks I've distilled this down to a concrete plan.

I of course will continue writing a post per day on Bubblews and on my days off try to do two or three. With my participation there I am making a very stable fifty dollars per month. My wife makes roughly twenty five with her efforts. This does help the family budget.

My profile link is:

My wife's is:

We get paid a penny for any view, like or comment on our articles and stories. For those who visit there. Thank you. It is always appreciated.

I have begun assembling a new stream of income online. That is through advertising on my blogs. I have created a few niche blogs for that purpose. I am looking for appropriate advertising that I can add to the site without ruining. Unfortunately Adsense and I have had a falling out in the past and I don't feel like going back to that well at this point. Besides looking for advertisers I'm looking for ways to increase traffic to my sites. Starting point for that is to make a post per week here at least. I do have quite a few sites to work with so the potential here is interesting.

I of course have my author's blog right here. I like what I've started and will continue to improve it as I have time.

My wife surprised me when she told me that she could add advertising to her Fine Arts America site. We will see what affiliate advertising we can include over there. She is also working on adding a cafeplus store to her site. I think it's a good idea. A lot of her artwork looks good added to products from there. She pays thirty-five dollars per year for that site and while she gets a lot of attention for her work she has yet to sell any. That is disappointing but we may be able to turn this all around with the advertising and added products. For it would be nice to make that small investment pay.

Her website link is:

I have created two websites that I think have some value. If the subjects interest you, please check them out. If you like what you see please follow and share.

The first site is called Pico's Online Work At Home Journey. I do make a small amount of money online and would like to take it further. On this site I talk about what I've learned along the way. I discuss successes and failures. For anyone trying to do the same, I think it's worth the time to visit. The site only opened at the beginning of this month and traffic and followers is already exceeding expectations.

The link for this site is:

The second site is called Pico's Cycling - Tales of the Road. This is being developed into a touring/road cycling online magazine. It is not officially open yet but my official launch is planned for the beginning of December. Some of it will look familiar to friends because I'm drawing articles and experience from my old cycling blog at kincycling. There is an important difference though. I am hoping to draw articles from other writers. The basic format is a five article magazine each month. Articles will range from 500 - 5000 words and must include pictures. I will allow links for the author's own websites and advertising. I will be the author of all the articles in the first issue (which is being built online and is viewable). I know better than to think I can spit out enough material to keep that going long term. Attention writers please submit your stuff. You will retain all rights to your work. I can't however offer any remuneration at this time.

The link is:

In the spring I hope to roll out a site for my wood turning again. I will build a new site here so that I can manage it from the same blogger account. That will simplify things for me. I would move on that earlier but I don't currently have shop space at all. Hoping to fix that in the spring with earning from my online efforts.

An article per week for each site should make a huge difference to the amount of traffic I get. The combined traffic should open some affiliate advertising doors for me.

My noveling efforts at this point will centre on getting Rat in the Shadows done. NaNoWriMo for me this year was a hopeless case. My schedule was difficult to begin with. Then everything at work changed. This week I even ended up assigned extra hours. Eleven hour days for four days per week means not much gets done in the way of writing on those days. I just don't have enough left in the tank when I get home. I'm excited about the challenges.

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