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Thursday, 2 May 2013

The End of MyLot As We Know It

I joined myLot about a year ago for the second time. Primary purpose was not to make money but to support my wife who hoped to make a few dollars online and improve her written English. She made payout once and then more or less let it slide. Me, on the other hand, established some friendships and made some money while enjoying my time there. For the last few months I'd been considering writing an article on how to make money on that site and push for referrals. I figured with a little effort I could easily make the ten-dollar payout each month and more. Why not? I was having fun. Can’t write that article anymore. MyLot has been revamped and they dropped the part where they pay for participation. My last payout will be the middle of this month and then nothing. Will myLot survive? I'm pessimistic.

There were a lot of good reasons to participate on myLot and I can't say that money was the main reason I was there. It was an important reason though. From the responses my friends had to this change, I'd say it was an important reason for everyone. Like myself most of them will sort of stick around because of their friends but won't put a lot of effort into participation. Well if members aren't participating much the site is going down the toilet. I'll go back. Probably even make a rare post here and there. I want friends there to know when my first book is released. After that though I expect my participation there to slowly dwindle to nothing. My real friends will come and visit my blog here or find other ways to contact me. I don't really need much more than my link sitting there in my myLot profile. If they can’t find that, then they aren't too worried about staying in touch. Money is not the main reason for being on the site but without the money all the other reasons I had will be greatly diminished. Can they survive removing a primary driver for participation and remain the same? There comes a point where my limited time is better spent somewhere else.

For my many friends on the site, I still look forward to hearing from you. A few of you are already friends on Facebook or I've exchanged emails with others and by all means drop me a line. If another site is created to take up where myLot left off, let me know. I'd be happy to devote some of my time to participate in something similar. It’s sad that a site I really enjoyed felt the need to make this type of a drastic change. See you while I lurk around the Internet.

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