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Friday, 17 May 2013

My Personal Dream Home

A week from now, I will achieve a dream that I've held since childhood. Getting my first novel published is a monumental achievement for me. The realization of that dream may give me the means to fulfil some other dreams of mine. If the book does very well it could give the financial means to move forward to owning our own home again.

What I want in a home is a place in the country two to ten acres. A place where we can hobby farm the way we had begun in Ontario. More importantly, it needs to be a place where I can have a small woodshop where I can do my woodturnings and other creative projects. We couldn't do that in Ontario. Frankly the real estate agent who sold us the property in Ontario misrepresented it to us. I'm not very trusting in that regard anymore. I believe I have the ability and the work ethic to make a decent living between my woodworking and writing on my own piece of dirt. This dream is not completely selfish. Such an arrangement would allow my wife to pursue her artwork with less day to day stress. Would also provide us with the means to help our children to move forward. We've hit a lot of snags along the way but the dreams are not dead. I'm still breathing after all.

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