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Thursday, 10 October 2013

A Little of Your Time For a Worthy Cause

This won’t cost you or me a single penny. You don’t have to sign up for anything. In fact, you can remain completely anonymous.

My 14 year old niece Emily is working to go on a mission to the Dominican Republic. To be able to go she needs to raise $1400. So far she has earned $100 with her babysitting. You can read about it here: Please note that she has not asked me for donations, she is working to make the money needed herself. I applaud her goal and her resourcefulness.

If you clicked the link in the preceding paragraph you are already contributing to her success. One way she is working to make the money is to write on Bubblews. Every time anyone in the world online views one of her articles she will get a penny. Every time one of those people decides they liked what she wrote and hits the like button there she gets paid another penny. Remember writing is work and her goal is to earn those pennies.

For anyone interested. I write on Bubblews, in my limited spare time, as writing practice and make fifty dollars or more there every month. I’m writing to line my own pocket and promote my own writing. With hard work she could earn more than I do and part of me wouldn’t mind that at all.

Intrigued? Bookmark her profile link and check her contributions there. If I understand correctly she will be writing a short article on something regularly. I write daily and I believe she is trying to follow my example.

You do not have to sign up for the website. You do not have to identify yourself in any way. No one is going to bother you or send you anything. You are not being tracked unless maybe you’ve cheesed off the NSA and that is an unrelated issue.

My wife and I will be cheering her on there and encouraging her work, so will quite a number of my friends. We’ll be delighted when anyone chooses to join us. Feel free to share her writing links on social media with your friends. That will give her work additional well-deserved exposure.

Good luck, Emily! I’m sure your hard work will pay off and you will realize this goal. The whole experience will be good for you and will help others.

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