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Saturday, 2 March 2013

LSDL Character Development Part III

The Villians

Mike Zapparoli, Serge Cote and Francois Rodrigues are bad bad bad. While I like to create more complex antagonists, I didn't make much effort to give these guys any likable characteristics. I was more interested in making them "real". Probably put as much time into developing these characters in profile as I did the hero and heroine. Dialog and actions had to realistically portray what a person in their line of work would be like.

Characters like them bring along a certain amount of violence and foul language. I tried my best to keep those things to a minimum. Most of the violence is "off camera". I don't think there is anything there that is unnecessary to the story. Realistically people of their ilk will cuss. They have much cleaner mouths than some of the people I encounter on a regular basis. These things are not the focus of this story and I won't be making that the focus of any future work. My goal is to tell a believable story not to shock or upset.

I don't want to give away too much information about my villains. Hopefully they will add the spice the story needs to make it exciting and interesting.

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