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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Added Link For eBook Software

I am grateful to my friend "An Indian" from my Book Junkies friends for leading me to this free software. I thought it would be useful to any of my readers. I have found it to be quite easy to use and have had no trouble with it. The website link should appear on the right hand side of this page underneath the list of pages for this blog. The page I have linked to should allow you to select the appropriate format and then download from there. Happy reading.


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  2. What I asked was, Pico, is this software available for free? Does it help us get reviews on, if yes, can you divulge its details on FB's Book Junkies?

  3. It is free of charge. I believe someone likely already did that a long time ago. I'm assuming that's where my friend found it. Would be worth mentioning there again though. Will try to get to that later today.