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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Time To Make This An Active Blog Again

Have been very busy with my writing. Just not here on this blog. Just a thumbnail sketch of what I've been up to.

Did a comprehensive rewrite of "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie". A publisher, through a writer friend, who will remain nameless for the time being has been interested in my first manuscript. I kicked my own butt to fix all the issues in the story that I felt needed to be dealt with to show I'm serious about writing. This was a massive undertaking and meant rewriting a great deal of the story. Much happier with the third draft. This bit of news is still on going. The initial submission included only excerpts. They've since requested the full manuscript. I'm still waiting on pins and needles for a reply.

Second item on my writing agenda was NaNoWriMo 2012. I thought I'd give it a try this year in spite of an extremely tight schedule. I kept up and decided not to let my three participating children show me up. The result is currently called "The Shadow Sleeps". I can now call myself a NaNo winner. I posted it entirely on today. Didn't set up the restrictions correctly but I'll get to that in fairly short order. Not before tomorrow. Easily the roughest draft I've ever created. Won't be editing that for a long while. There are more important things for me to do.

Third item was to get this blog back in action. Posting this is at least a start.

Future work is to turn "Rat in the Shadows" into a full manuscript. That is the one that I believe has the highest chance of being published out of my existing projects. I did start a manuscript for a book to fit between the new prequel "The Shadow Sleeps" and "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie", but that will rest for the time being. Finally item on my to do list is write an article showing how I work and make a bit of cash on MyLot. Hope to use it to recruit some referrals.

My next update should be posted here a lot faster than this one.

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