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Saturday, 12 January 2013

New Year, New Blogger, New Goals

Managed set a goal of making a post per week commitment to my writing blog here only to find that things have been shuffled around a bit in my absence. No big problem. They had a little video clip that got my on the right track. At least I know where the basics are and can create posts.

I am waiting for a contract to come in the mail from a publisher for "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie". If all goes well the book will be released in the early spring. Will annoy all my friends and acquaintances with that when it finally happens.

Writing goals for this year are to produce at least two more complete rough draft manuscripts for novels before the end of the year. That's pretty ambitious. I intend to do NaNo and Camp NaNo this year to do that.

The plan for the blog here at this point is to post something once per week. Probably do that Saturday evening providing my schedule with work and all don't get modified significantly. That is a big if. My job situation is not that stable.

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