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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Busy Week But Good Things Happening

I am absolutely tickled that both of my writing children managed to join up with Book Junkies on Facebook and were welcomed enthusiastically by the gang there. I am going to add a page here for resources and Book Junkies will definitely be a part of that. My daughter writes as Antonia and my son as Sheldon. I won't add their full user names here.

Got a surprise bonus at work on my first March check. With it we paid our last installment of our bankruptcy. Right after that I was awarded call of the month for January which also gives a substantial bonus in the form of gift cards. I have the biggest bonus coming before the end of the month. Maybe it isn't all writing related, but after a very tough winter it is something to get excited about. It will all help give some of my writing time back to me.

Last item of note is the subject of guest writers on this blog. I don't want to make it a focus for this blog but I think entries written by friends who have gotten published to inspire my readers could be quite useful. When I have a little extra time I'm going to run it by some of my friends and see if we can't develop something worth putting on a separate page here somewhere.

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