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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Added Bubblews Log

It still needs a lot of work but I have added a Bubblews article log to my blog here. Most of my practice writing goes there because I get paid. If someone goes to that page and looks at an article I get paid a penny. If they click like I get another penny. If they add a comment, I get a penny for every one of those as well. It adds up. Currently I make more money faster there than any other paid website I've ever worked with. If you want to try it yourself, here is my referral link (something else they pay me for):

I will put more work into it in the future. My intention is to categorize and highlight some of my work there. A number of my humour pieces just didn't get much attention and highlighting them here will probably solve that issue. I know they are just getting lost in the shuffle.

Another point that I discovered from a friend there is that it is not good to publish articles on my blog and on Bubblews at the same time. Hurts the ranking of both sites apparently and therefore I will immediately cut that out. Unique content only on each site from now on. I will likely make references to those articles here and often though.

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