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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Added Bubblews Highlights to the Page

This is a lame beginning to something that I hope will be an epic improvement to the site here and make it more worth regular visits. Brandon one of my boys is working on created an RSS Feed which would automatically show my five latest Bubblews posts in the sidebar here. I write there almost daily. This type of addition here would be a big win for me.

There are two ways it will benefit me. Number one, it will provide daily updated material right here on my author's blog. New material is the life blood of any good blog. It will increase my readership and give another reason for those readers to keep coming back for more.

The other way I benefit is that everytime someone clicks on one of those links and visits my Bubblews content I earn a penny. If they hit like on it while they are there I'll earn another penny. This potentially pays out better than any ad programs I brought on to the site.

The downside right now is that the automatic updating with my latests post isn't working. Brandon is not sure he can make it work. I know it's possible. The big question is how? Besides that it looks lame. Not inviting at all but like I say to my internal editor. Everything can be fixed. Any suggestions as to how to make this happen are more than welcome.

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